Members of the secessionist group, Homeland Study Foundation, also known as Western Togoland group on Friday invaded the Aveyime and Mepe police stations in the Volta Region.

The group after attacking some police personnel on duty broke into the armoury before driving off in a police van.

Sources say, the team then attacked the Tongu Divisional Commander and his driver who have since been transferred to Accra for medical treatment.

To press home their demand for independence from Ghana, the group also blocked some major roads on the Accra to Ho stretch.

The development subsequently resulted in a high-risk emergency operation by personnel from the Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Ghana Police Service and other security agencies.

The state’s seurities are currently in the Volta Region to retrieve all weapons and items stolen by the separatist group.

Meanwhile, sources with the security services say 30 members of the Western Togoland group have been arrested.