The Crops Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-CRI) has produced groundnut and cowpea breeder seeds for farmers in Ghana.

The seeds will be used to produce foundation and certified seeds to boost government’s planting for food and jobs programme.

“We should expect to get enough seeds to feed the larger population. This will help the government’s planting for food and jobs and any other programme that will feed the masses,” said Prof. Brandford Mochiah, Director of the CSIR-CRI.

The CSIR-CRI is collaborating with the Ghana Early Generation Seed Consortium for sustainable production of quality seeds of groundnut and cowpea in this project.

The Ghana Early Generation Seed Consortium launched on December 2020 is expected to reach about 300,000 small-holder farmers in the northern part of Ghana with improved seeds of four important crops: maize, soybean, groundnut and cowpea in the next three years.

Planting for food and jobs receives boost as the Crops Research Institute produces tonnes of groundnut and cowpea seeds

About 15 metric tonnes of breeder seeds and 116 metric tonnes of foundation seeds are expected to be produced during this period to enhance food production.

The consortium has received funding from the USAID Ghana Mission through an award from the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).

“We would like to ensure there is sustainability in the production of quality seeds,” CSIR-CRI Coordinator, Dr. Sylvester Addy said.

A co-lead, Prof. James Asibuo is happy farmers will be supplied with improved seeds to improve their income.

“Normally, farmers use saved seeds or they buy grain from the market. With this project, a lot of farmers will get improved yields which will lead to higher income,” he said.

The West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (the lead Institution), the Crops Research Institute and the Savannah Agricultural Research Institute are the three government Institutions.

The Legacy Crop Improvement Centre and Integrated Water Management and Agricultural Development Company are the two seed companies in this consortium.

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