The Ashanti Regional Police has apprehended three suspects in connection with a robbery attack at Alabar High Street in Kumasi on Friday afternoon.

The police have identified Hamza Nuhu, 22; Salifu Iddrisu, 18 and Ali Razak, 18 as accused persons whose actions lead to the death of Anwar Hussain, a spare parts dealer.

Three other persons have sustained injuries and have been rushed to the Manhyia Government Hospital for treatment, sources say.

After an open-fire confrontation, the suspect, Hamza Nuhu was shot in the thigh, hence facilitating the arrest of the suspected gang.

He has been admitted at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and is receiving treatment under the watch of the police.

Amateur footages secured by residents at the incident show the said attackers jumping onto motorbikes after firing shots into the air to disperse residents as they carried out the robbery.

The Police have stated that further investigations are ongoing to pin down four other suspected persons believed to have been part of the orchestrated attack at the market on Friday.

“They are on detention to assist in police investigations, whiles a manhunt has been launched for the arrest of the remaining robbers,” the Regional Police Command stated.

The murder of Anwar Hussain adds to a series of attacks in the past few weeks in the Ashanti Region.

A 62-year-old businessman was also shot dead by unknown assailants at Asuadee close to Mankranso on Wednesday.

Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq was murdered while performing ablution for the evening’s prayers at his fuel station.

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