The Ashanti Regional Police Command is promising an incident-free Delegates Conference of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Kumasi.

The Command says it has deployed enough personnel to provide adequate security to delegates and residents.

Details of the number of personnel deployed are not made public, but the Command says officers deployed include reinforcement from Accra.

Public Relations Officer, ASP Godwin Ahianyo tells JoyNews police have been deployed to delegates’ hotels, streets and highways.

“We are providing security for all VVIPs and VIPs at their hotels. Because of this conference, we know important personalities, delegates are coming to lodge in the various hotels in the metropolis. Some are even at the outskirts of the municipality. So we are performing duties at all these places.

The MTTD will also be at hand to ensure the free flow of traffic.

So all the necessary security arrangement is in place, and I can assure you that today up to Monday, our men would be on the ground,” he said.

“Men would be on the ground; you will see them. They would be visible everywhere; the night patrols will continue, vehicular, foot patrols, and on the highways, we have our men to ensure that those travelling from far from other regions will enter the region without any criminal attack. We are also having personnel from Accra coming to augment our strength.”

Police acknowledge new security arrangements, including the closure of some roads, may inconvenience residents.

ASP Ahianyo, therefore, seeks full public cooperation in these new arrangements.

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