The police have confirmed they retrieved human remains from a septic tank on a property previously occupied by the key suspect in the kidnapping of the three Takoradi girls, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills.

The skulls were retrieved Friday night from a septic tank at Kasaworodo a suburb of Takoradi.

This followed a search in the premises by the Police with the aid of sniffer dogs.

Myjoyonline understands the search has been halted.

The suspect allegedly led the police to the area located near the hostel of the Methodist Girls Senior High School.

The police through their investigations got the information that the girls were dead and were buried in the septic tank behind the accused person’s house, the sources said.

Subsequently, the police stormed the Kasaworodo house of the accused person, cordoned off the area at about 5:30pm on Friday and with the help of the Prisons Service, they started emptying the septic tank.

Family members of the missing girls are yet to comment on the latest development.

Listen to Kojo Yankson reporting

Below is the confirmation from the Police.

Taadi police info

Kidnapped girls

Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie, 15, Ruth Love Quayson, 18, and Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21 have gone missing for nearly a year after they were reported kidnapped in the Takoradi metropolis.

This story will be updated as new details are gathered.

Coded language

The two suspects have been charged with six counts of “conspiracy to commit crime to wit kidnapping and “kidnapping.”

Earlier this week, Chief State Attorney, Patience Klinogo said the two Nigerian suspects, Sam Udoetuk Wills and John Oji, used coded language in their conversations on Facebook.

During court proceedings on Wednesday, she revealed that the suspects used a language that is related to kidnapping and blood sacrifice.

The State Attorney told the court that the revelation of their interaction was noted on the mobile phone of second accused, John Oji, after Police arrested him on 4th June 2019 at Aflao around the Ghana-Togo border.

“Facebook chats from his mobile phone between A1 and A2 revealed coded language on kidnapping and blood sacrifice as well as discussions on drugs which could be administered to victims to stupor,” she said.

Continuing her statement to the Sekondi High Court, she also revealed various mobile phone numbers that were traced to the two accused persons after using it to receive money from victims’ relations, the Chief State Attorney said.

“On 6th June 2019, John Oji, in his investigation caution statement stated that he came from Nigeria to Takoradi in the first week of December 2018 to see Sam Udoetuk Wills, who is the first accused, upon invitations from him. Oji admitted that he knew the two mobile numbers used to receive ransom from parents by Wills. That he used to communicate and WhatsApp Wills on same.”

The two accused persons, however, pleaded not guilty to the six counts of charges by the Chief State Attorney, Patience Klinogo, in her amended charge sheet.

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