The Ghana Police Service has invited a complainant who alleged on her Twitter handle that persons purporting to be Police officers murdered her father.

The invitation by the Police is for the social media user, @realnaajudith, to assist with investigations by answering questions regarding her claims.

On Wednesday, Naajudith tweeted, “29th June, 2021 3pm, trigger-happy hoodlums parading as Ghana police officers went to my dad’s house, shot & killed him because he had video evidence on his phone on the killing of 4 guys by the police 2 months ago!!! I am dumbfounded! … is going on in Ghana.”

Reacting to the accusation, the Police, using the handle @GhPoliceService, indicated that @realnaajudith’s pictures are from a crime scene where its officers engaged in a shootout with suspected criminals.

The Police’s post explained that one of the suspects who shot an officer during the shootout was, in turn, gunned down.

“These pictures show a place similar to the place at Ntoaso in the Eastern region where police arrested armed robbers and retrieved several arms and ammunition, including about 3000 AK 47 ammunition. This was in the News from the police briefing at the CID on 30th June 2021.

“The man who shot one of the officers was also shot by the Police. Does that mean your father was the armed robber who was shot by police?”

The Police Service, thus, suggested she has to be interrogated for more information.

“You @realnaajudith should answer questions from the police,” the Service retweeted.