Tell US Congress we don’t want the deal – Lecturer joins demo against US-Ghana agreement

Tell US Congress we don’t want the deal – Lecturer joins demo against US-Ghana agreement
Source: Ghana| | Naa Sakwaba Akwa | E:
Date: 28-03-2018 Time: 10:03:33:am

A political analyst and lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School has joined the Ghana First Patriotic Font to protest the controversial Defence Cooperation Agreement between the government of Ghana and the United States of America.

Dr Kobby Mensah agrees with the majority of Ghanaians who believe the deal which gives access to the US military to undertake some exercises among others in Ghana, puts the security of the country in jeopardy.

In an interview with Joy News’ Roland Walker just before the protest took off in Accra on Wednesday, the lecturer questioned the ratification of the deal and called on the government to re-assess it because it makes Ghanaians uncomfortable.

Ghana First Demo

“It is good for us to tell the American Congress that we are not interested in the deal that their government sent to Ghana and therefore they must revisit it.”

Dr Mensah said he has decided to be part of the protest and make his voice heard because in the end, regardless of who is organizing, the country’s security and safety is paramount.

The medium for him is an important one to get his objection known to the country and the world at large, although he says it is not against cooperation with other countries.

Ghana First Demo

“A cross-section of Ghanaians have sounded their disapproval…we are not saying that we don’t agree with cooperation with other countries but the agreement is a very bad one, it is in bad taste.

“And I believe the American public must be told that the people of Ghana are being pushed by their government to accept a deal that a lot of people don’t agree with,” he added.

The protestors have converged at the Obra Spot. They will march through the Kwame Nkrumah Avenue through Farisco Traffic Light to TUC, EOCO and end at Hearts Park.