The Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana is appealing to the government to post health professionals to its members.

Speaking at the 1st annual general meeting Ashanti regional chairman, Francis Fosu is worried inadequate human resource is militating against the operations of the sector.

 “Government should consider private health facilities as one of the places helping shape the health of the populace.

“When these students complete their programme, the government posts them to the government and CHAG intuitions.

Mr. Fosu is again demanding a tariff that reflects the true cost of their services.

He observes the subsidies on the cost of their services are not sustainable enough.

“The tariff they’re giving to us is woefully inadequate. We go to the market to buy Artemether Lumefantrine for 6 cedis but NHIA will give us 2 cedis 50 pesewas just look at the gap. They should give us the actual prices that will reflect the market prices we’re using to render services.

“Government doesn’t pay our workers, we do everything ourselves. We can’t be given the same tariff as government institutions,” he recommended.

President of the Association, Samuel Okyere Donkor advised members to swiftly submit their claims to ensure speedy processing of claims.

“Some of our facilities don’t submit their claims on time. The facilities have three months to submit their claims but you’ll find out most go beyond that,” he said.

The meeting was under the theme: promoting quality healthcare in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. The role of private health facilities.

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