The Raphael Korda Foundation, a philanthropic organisation has promised to facelift the Nyive Health Center in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region. 

The health centre which serves clients from the municipality and neighbouring Togo is in dire need of a well-equipped maternity ward, as it lacks the requisite equipment. 

Over 3,500 residents depend on the facility, which provides outpatient, maternity, antenatal care, reproductive child health, laboratory, and family planning services. 

Officials at the under-staffed facility have been improvising with the obsolete equipment available to put to bed. About 104 babies were delivered in 2020, the highest number of births at a health centre in the Ho Municipality. 

The facility also needs an oxygen cylinder, a modern delivery bed and ancillary facilities for the maternity department. 

The Founder of Raphael Korda Foundation, Raphael Kobla Korda, who mentioned these in an interview, assured of his entity providing the needed logistics to augment healthcare delivery at the facility. 

“When we came around and saw the facility, it’s a pity. So I said, okay, what can we do to help? Looking at the washroom and other places at the facility.”

“The first question I asked was if they have a wheelchair, and they said they don’t,” he said surprisingly. 

He indicated that Raphael Korda Foundation would “finance tiling of the entire facility, provide a delivery bed, 4 ward beds, fix sections of the roofs which leak and the ceiling, repair electrical works and provide the lab a facelift.”

The Foundation donated a wheelchair, digital blood pressure monitor, diagnostic otoscope, bleach, face masks, liquid soap, among others to indicate their commitment to uplifting the status of the Nyive Health Center.