Chairman of the Board of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict has observed that the current police administration has halted the implementation of the community policing policy introduced by a previous regime.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Monday, which focused on discussions about the state of security in the country, Emmanuel Habuka Bombande said, “we used to have a vigorous community policing system that underscored the partnership between the people, civilians, and the Police.”

He said strategies, implemented by the Police, which worked in the past, should be continued in the hope of curbing the menace in our communities.

The Security Analyst advised the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to revisit this policy and enforce it vigorously.

He decried the decline in police visibility due to its effectiveness in curbing crime.

“At strategic locations where police are stationed, criminals would think twice before brazenly going out to engage in the type of crimes we have seen of late,” he stressed.

In its quest to find ways to enhance collaboration and communication with local communities, the Ghana Police Service (GPS) established the Community Policing Unit (CPU) in June 2002.

Community Policing is the future for inclusive crime fighting and the CPU served as the focal platform to develop strategies for the design and implementation of community policing throughout Ghana.

By involving the community residents in policing, it imparted a sense of ownership, willingness and personal responsibility for the safety and security of their local communities.

At the same time communities assist the police in their crime prevention measures through this two-sided exchange.

“I always say, you do not replace your priorities with others simply because resources are not enough. You have to always put your priorities in the right place,” Dr Bombande advised.