Sarkodie has finally opened up about the events that led to a confrontation between his manager Angel and Stonebwoy prior to the Black Love Concert.

Although he did not divulge any specific details on the misunderstanding, the rapper admitted that Stonebwoy did hit his manager.

The ‘Illuminati’ hitmaker said he was disappointed Stonebwoy resorted to fist fight to resolve an issue which subsequently injured Angel.

“For the first time in a long while, my limit was pushed beyond, just because of what happened. Everyone has the right to be mad but no one has the right to assault,” he stated in his address released, Thursday.

Sarkodie said events that happened on the night are not new but he expected Stonebwoy to not only handle his emotions better but to find a better way to settle it.

“I am here to condemn the act and let him [Stonebwoy] know that I am extremely disappointed knowing how he is with Angelo,” he stated adding that he was happy the manager did not retaliate.

The ‘Anadwo’ hitmaker revealed he got upset adding that even though creative persons are sensitive people it is important they control their emotions and what they put out.

A video of Angel with a bandage on his eye went viral last week after Stonebwoy had allegedly hit him.

Their argument was said to be over a parking spot at the rehearsal grounds of the Black Love Concert where the Dancehall artiste was set to perform.

Sarkodie uninvited the ‘Nominate’ hitmaker to the event a day after the incident raising suspicions on the accounts were true.

Stonebwoy subsequently apologised to Angel and Sarkodie saying he had no intentions of hurting either of them.

The rapper, in his address, said that he believes everyone has flaws but it is necessary for people to control their reactions in situations especially when there is a bigger picture.

“My brother has every right to demand [it]. He could have just screamed or insulted Angelo, myself or move his car…This time he went overboard and to me, it is the highest level of disrespect.”

“We carry a lot of emotions and that comes along with paranoia but that’s not an excuse for how we act. It is absolutely up to us. We are responsible for our actions,” he added.

However, he believes Stonewboy will not intentionally do something to mar his concert especially considering their history.

He advised younger artiste to be careful how they act adding that if they are in the industry for the long haul they will face different situation every time.