Management of the University of Ghana has cautioned students against selling their beds, in the wake of the current accommodation crisis on campus.

In an email signed by the University’s Registrar on Wednesday, the school’s authorities warned that any student who engages in the act will be dealt with.

“Management has noted that some students who were able to secure beds during the online selection, are purportedly selling these beds to other students. Students are warned that such transactions are an infringement of the University’s regulations for Junior Members, and any student caught either selling or buying beds will be severely sanctioned”, the statement said.

The University also indicated that, it has taken note of reports of some persons who are transacting business on behalf of the University, with the promise of helping students secure accommodation. According to the University, it has not authorized such individuals, and therefore urged the public to desist from engaging such ‘unscrupulous individuals’.

“It has come to the attention of Management of the University of Ghana that some unscrupulous individuals parading themselves as representatives of the halls of residence and officials of the University are purporting to have beds available for sale to students. Students and the general public are hereby cautioned against the activities of such fraudsters, as beds have not been reserved for sale’, the University said.

Meanwhile, scores of newly admitted and continuing students are stranded following their inability to secure beds for the 2022/2023 academic year.

During an earlier visit by the JoyNews team to the University of Ghana campus, some of the aggrieved students revealed that, they are considering the possibility of deferring their programmes due to the lack of accommodation.

Some parents who spoke to the news team, also lamented over the situation and called on authorities to institute measures to deal decisively with the perennial menace. According to them, the University must contemplate speedy interventions to ensure that students who are admitted, are not left stranded with no place to lay their heads.

Reacting to these concerns, the Head of Halls at the Univeristy of Ghana, Dr. Wiafe Akenten said in order to address the situation, guardians must be willing to pay more for residential facilities on campus. According to him, an increase in the cost of halls on campus, will complement the efforts of the University in addressing the perennial accommodation challenge.

In the meantime, authorities at the nation’s premier university have indicated that to mitigate the current challenge on campus, “arrangements have been made to secure additional off-campus accommodation for students, and a notice to that effect will be issued soon”.

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