Police in the Savannah Region have mounted a search for Fatima, a woman who allegedly triggered the attack on another woman accused of witchcraft at Sumpini in the Savannah Region.

The victim, Maria Ibrahim in her 50s sustained machete wounds to her skull after being beaten up by a group of men who claimed she had bewitched a young man in the community.

Five suspects were arrested on Sunday and are currently in police custody and to aid in investigations.

The family of the victim, claim the police have relaxed investigations and say some of the perpetrators are seen in the community walking around freely.

However, the Savannah Regional public relations officer, Sergeant Adjekum Owusu, debunked the claims of the victim’s family saying, the police are doing everything possible to get all the perpetrators arrested.

“Our work is such that we can’t tell a complainant about our plans but a team of investigators are on the ground and we are closing in on the other suspects,” he added.

Sergeant Adjekum Owusu assured the family that Fatima and all the perpetrators will be arrested and brought to book.

The spokesperson Awutogma Mummen who declined to comment on the matter said the family will express dissatisfaction to the general public in the coming days.