The most popular strategy games

The most popular strategy games
Source: Ghana | Carol Trehearn
Date: 04-03-2019 Time: 01:03:54:pm

If you really enjoy putting your brain to the test when it comes to gaming, then strategy games are probably your best bet. A game that involves a lot of brain power can really satisfy the itch that comes with wanting a game that fully engages you from start to finish. If you’ve played the strategy correctly, the biggest reward comes with seeing it all unfold in the end in just the way you’d planned.


If you’re a history buff, then Civilization could be the perfect game for you. This game entails building an entire empire from just your founding civilisations. Despite how simple this sounds, this is actually a strategy game that requires negotiating and figuring out how best to grow your empire from scratch. If you’ve ever fantasised about what your own empire might look like, this could be your ultimate strategy game. 


Poker is a strategy game that combines the luck of your hand with fine-tuning your senses to other people’s mannerisms. Thinking about what you’d do with the worst possible hand to win the game is part of the strategical thinking that is required to rake in the chips at the end of a game. Trying your hand at live casinos, on platforms such as Unibet are a good way to build up your skills set. Having a good memory is also a massive upper-hand to add to your strategy: remembering the rankings of each hand, how other players react to loss and what other players must have by process of elimination could make you a future champion. 


Popular doesn’t necessarily have to mean modern and trendy – chess still seems to have universal appeal. This board game is often one of the first games that introduces strategy and logic. Not only that but lavish and decorative chess boards are used for decoration in houses, maybe even reserved for tournaments or special occasions. Chess is the best game for those who want to practice their logic skills and strategy play. 

Offworld Trading Company

If games like Civilization appeal to you because of their focus on a long-term goal and relinquishing of brute force, then Offworld Trading Company is said to appeal to the same demographic. Instead of stockpiling weapons, you are required to stock up on money and resources in order to get the upper hand on your opponents. This game is also good for those who want more than just strategy, but also a reflective look at humanity. It’s said that this game considers the future and history of the human race, and uses its themes as part of this game’s strategy.

It’s true that not only are not all strategy games born equal but also they’re not all necessarily for people who have the same interests. The idea of deploying a strategy can appeal to those who are just looking to apply their best logic or those who want to use a strategy game in a world that seems somewhat familiar to theirs. 


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