A yet-to-be-identified teenager is feared dead after being knocked over by a taxi driver at Akrantiebesa in the Ashanti Region.

The 13-year-old boy according to reports was on his way to purchase porridge when the unfortunate incident occurred.

An eyewitness, Kwamena Daniel, a mechanic who narrated the event revealed that the driver of the taxi fled the scene but later returned after he was informed of what he had done.

According to him, the driver stated that he had no idea of the said incident.

“I suddenly heard a sound, kpow! When I turned to look, I saw the young boy flying in the air after the vehicle hit him. He fell into the bush. I started shouting ‘He has killed someone’s child.’ I then told another driver to chase him to tell him he has killed someone.

“He returned and we placed the child in the vehicle. According to him, he says he didn’t see that he hit the boy with his vehicle,” he stated.

He further revealed that the child was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

“When we got to the hospital, they said the child had passed away. They contacted the boy’s parents so we left when his mother and father arrived,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kwamena Daneiel says road accidents has been rampant in the locality due to over speeding and overtaking by drivers.

“Since I came here, I have witnessed numerous accidents. This is not the first, second or third time. I have even seen three people lose their lives to this menace.

“We would be glad if the government would put up something to ensure vehicles slow down when they get here. Something like a speed rump. When vehicles are approaching, the speed at which they come is something else. It is not easy. It is scary especially when they overtake,” he added.