Former Medical Director of Ridge Hospital, Dr. Thomas Anabah has equipped the Garu Constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Upper East Region for a landslide victory in the December 7 polls.

He assured the constituency of his unflinching support in campaigning for the NDC to capture power from the ruling government.

Dr. Anabah made this declaration and donated items to Garu constituency of the NDC during the inauguration of its campaign team, with Mr. Thomas Lambon as the Campaign Head.

The donated items were five motorbikes, 300 NDC branded T-shirts, 3000 A4 sheet Posters, 2000 motor stickers, 2 Big banners, 20 NDC designer sandals for women.

Dr Anabah surprised the supporters when he indicated his willingness to resource the running and maintenance of the motorbikes presented.

These items, he said, was to equip the executives and parliamentary candidate to enable them canvass votes for standard-bearer of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama and the NDC as a whole.

Addressing the inaugurated campaign team members, the CEO of Habana Medical Services encouraged them to prioritise the interest of the party above any parochial interest.

Dr. Thomas Anabah also admonished the campaign team members to vigorously campaign for JM and the elected parliamentary candidate.

Highlighting on the party’s monumental achievements, Dr Anabah said it is time for all to vote massively for the NDC in order to make Ghana a safer haven for all while hinting of a special package for branches that would garner massive votes for the party.

Dr Anabah, having done extensive monitoring during the just ended voter’s registration exercise and motivating the grassroots to offer their very best for the party, said all indications point to the fact that the NDC is poised to recapture power.

Parliament Candidate, Albert Alazuka Akuka received the donated items made by Dr. Anabah and thanked him for the worthy gesture and promised to use them for its intended purpose.

Alongside the inaugural ceremony, a group called Fun Club for JM and JN which is purely an NDC offspring formed purposefully to set records by way of shoring up the party electoral fortunes in the constituency.

“This group’s activities must be complimentary and must not be seen conflicting or contradictory”, the sole sponsor Dr Anabah, emphasised.