Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo has met with the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II as part of her visit to the Ashanti Region.

The meeting was to formally inform the Asantehene about the planned construction of the Kumasi City Campus of the University of Ghana.

Prof. Appiah Amfo also appealed to the Asantehene for support in dealing with persons encroaching on the University of Ghana lands in the Ashanti Region.

The planned construction of a University of Ghana campus in Kumasi was first announced by Prof. Appiah Amfo last week Tuesday when she was inducted as the new Vice-Chancellor of the premier university.

The University of Ghana has also moved to set up a Takoradi City campus in the Western Region.

According to Prof. Amfo, the decision to set up these two city campuses is aimed at making education “more accessible to the teeming high school graduates from all over the country, and to upscale graduate education on our main campus.”

Whilst in Kumasi, Prof. Appiah Amfo was present at the official launch of the KNUST 70th anniversary celebrations on Thursday.

Prof. Appiah Amfo is the first female to rise to the office of Vice-Chancellor in the University’s 73-year-old history.

Prior to her appointment, she was the Pro-Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic and Students Affairs.

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