University students across the country are asking lecturers to give them more time to adequately prepare for their end of semester examinations.

The students were expected to write their end of semester examination at the beginning of this month. However, this was truncated due to the strike by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG).

According to some of the students, the challenges made them take their minds off academic work.

“The strike would be called off very soon and the school would have to come out with the examination timetable. I am pleading with the school management to give us some one week. So at least a week extension would help in the preparation,” one of them said.

Acting President of the University of Ghana’s Student Representative Council, Kwame Fianko who spoke on the AM Show on Joy Prime noted that the strike has had some psychological effects on the students. Thus, it would be prudent for the students to have at least one week to allow them prepare for the examination.

Another student who called into the show, also observed that without the required extended time to prepare, their performance in the examination will be impacted negatively.

Haruna argues that some of the students have not been able to glance through their books since the strike began and others have left campus for domestic activities.

“If they call off the strike and ask us to come and write the exams, most of us will suffer”. He added that since the strike started, he hasn’t been able to open his books,” he added.

The plea comes on the back of plans by the University lecturers to halt the industrial action as they prepare to fashion out a roadmap with the government in dealing with their concerns.

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