Dortmund, GERMANY – The state of football in Ghana, currently, has drawn a deep introspection from every conceivable stakeholder group. And that includes the media.

The naked partisanship in the last few years has meant that eyes have been taken off the ball, off what matters, to sideshows. It is with this realisation that JoyNews has sent Assisting Sports Editor, Gary Al-Smith, on a fact-finding and capacity building tour as the new football order emerges.

Al-Smith is one of three journalists from Ghana on the Bundesliga Media Tour, put together by pay-TV giant StarTimes Ghana. Together with former Multimedia Group journalist Kwame Dwomoh Agyemang and Sena Akoto-Ampaw of the Ghana FA, the trio will be taken through the rudiments of German football culture that has augured well for the western European giants, as well as the chastening lessons learned in recent times.

“This is a fine opportunity to increase our scope, be exposed to what is standard, and to bring back that knowledge to bear in work through this critical period of our nation’s football story,” Al-Smith noted.

They will pay visits to the German Football Museum, watch two Bundesliga games, be given access to Bundesliga legends and attend several workshops on various thematic areas of modern football.

Other journalists from across Africa and Europe will join the Ghanaian trio to cross-fertilise ideas in an era where global press houses are facing very unique challenges.

StarTimes is the official broadcast partner of the Bundesliga in Africa.



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