Musician Eazzy born Mildred Ashong says it’s hard for female musicians to maintain their popularity after a hit song.

“It’s even harder to make time for babies when you’re in the limelight,” she said in an interview on BBC.

Eazzy, highlighting challenges female acts go through, said she didn’t have it easy breaking through because she was told many times that female artistes don’t last long in the industry.

She explained that it would only take passion and confidence to make a mark “if you’re an up-and-coming female act.

“It’s very tough to break through because you’re growing and it gets to a point that you think do I get married, make kids or pursue my passion? As long as you have the passion and confidence, you will breakthrough.

“People told me females don’t last long. The determination is to keep going. I have had up and down moments but you have to be patient. Your fan base grows around you with time,” she said.