The Government of Ghana is engaging the World Bank to develop the Volta Lake as part of a Regional Multi-Modal Project to connect the country to neighbouring countries from the Tema Port.

The Minister of Transport, Mr Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, who announced this at the mid-year review conference of the Ministry, said the Ministry was constructing ferry landing sites at Dambai and Dambai overbank in the Oti Region, Agordeke in the Eastern Region and Yeji and Makango in the Bono Region as preparatory steps for the project.

He said the provision of adequate transportation facilities for lake crossing for communities along the lake remain a priority to facilitate socio-economic development.

Mr Asiamah said the government owes it a duty to provide such facilities to the people especially those displaced as a result of the construction of the Akosombo Dam.

He called on board chairpersons and heads of agencies and particularly those undertaking the President’s priority projects to do well to meet the expected time lines.

“I wish to implore all of you to be proactive in the execution of your duties and ensure that we respond to the dynamics of the sector,” he said.

The Minister said the role of the transport sector in boosting trade, economic growth and national development in the era of the African Continental Free Trade cannot be ignored since the movement of logistics hinges on effective transportation systems.

Mr Asiamah said the country could only become more and more competitive through a sufficient transport infrastructure, services and regulations as well as a low cost modal to stimulate growth and national development.

Mr Asiamah attributed current problems within the sector to congestion at the port due to amongst others capacity issues, inefficient handling time, poor vessel turnaround time, poor security, revenues leakages and storage deficit adding that “these issues combined with inefficient or missing road and rail connectivity combines to increase transportation costs”.

The national vision requires that the transport sector be well positioned in terms of infrastructure, services and regulations to enable the sector play a catalytic role in stimulating socio-economic growth and development.


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