The Deputy Campaign Manager of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says the ongoing voter’s registration exercise has raised ethnic tensions in the country.

Alex Segbefia says the Electoral Commission’s (EC) “has gone through an exercise that has raised ethnic tension” in the country as it gets people on the electoral roll.

When quizzed by host Kojo Yankson on whether he believed the newly compiled register gave one political party an advantage over the other, The former Health Minister admitted that “no register properly compiled gives anybody an advantage.”

He added, however, that the NDC was “still unhappy with the attempts made to stop legitimate Ghanaians from voting”.

Speaking against the involvement of the military in the process Mr Segbefia said, “There’s a clear system of how you should challenge, and a clear system of what you should do. Having military up and down the country is not the way forward.”

The Deputy Chief of Staff during Mills government said he was not aware of any eligible voter who had been disenfranchised in the exercise so far.

He, however, commented on some cases where some people believed to be Togolese nationals were challenged.

The Deputy Campaign Manager said people who held dual citizenships should be allowed to exercise their right to vote in any of the countries they belonged to.

“You do not say that because someone can answer to ‘bonjour’ they are not Ghanaian. You don’t say that … As far as I am aware people have been questioned about the lingo-Franco. They were spoken to in French and if they responded [in French] it means you had ties”, he added.

According to him, the exercise indeed “puts to bed a lot of the issues that were raised by the government and the EC when they wanted to embark on the [re-registration]”

Mr Segbefia enumerated the issue of the previous voter’s register being bloated. This, he believes, would have been more accurate if a census had been conducted prior to the registration.