Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Mensa Otabil says it is time the country moves away from reliance on foreign aid.

Delivering an online sermon, Pastor Otabil said that change for the nation is not going to come by depending on other nations, the natural resources that Ghana has or by constant prayer but rather, by being restless and wrestling against the idea of taking handouts.

“We cannot prosper on natural resources. We have gold, it didn’t work. Timber didn’t work. Diamond didn’t work. Oil didn’t work. By now it should register in our minds that no matter how much natural resources we have, that will not give us what we are looking for.”

“The change is not going to come because we pray so much, the change is not going to come because we have our grace in Spirit. The change is going to come because we start being restless and we wrestle and we struggle with the yoke upon our necks and we say we will not be beggars forever,” he added.

He explained that it is time for the citizenry to stop complaining about being cheated by other nations and work towards providing for itself.

“Yes, we missed it big time, yes somebody has cheated us, yes people have taken our gold, they’ve taken our silver, they’ve taken our oil. Yes, we know all of that but what are you going to do about it?”

According to him, there must come a time when the country must be ready to move beyond aid.

“There has to come a time in your life when you say from this day I am not going to remain in this situation again and then you have a personal responsibility to hold on to it.

“Becoming, is a transformation and this nation has to choose to be restless,” he said.