The Madina MP says the NDC will be guided by national interest as required by the Constitution in the vetting of appointed ministers of state and their deputies.

Francis-Xavier Sosu said NDC members on the Appointments Committee are able to work in the spirit of fidelity to recommend nominees who pass the test for parliamentary approval without bias.

“Each and every one of us on the committee would be representing the sovereign will of the people of Ghana. We will openly scrutinise every nominee and hold them to the highest standards required for decent and modest public life which respect the interest of the ordinary Ghanaian,” he said.

He advised persons who were uneasy and sceptical about the integrity of the NDC to vote for any presidential nominee to rest easy because “any nominee who passes or fails would only have done so because they passed or failed the test of National Interest which we are called upon by the Constitution to protect on this occasion.”

“Our interest would be to give Ghanaian men and women of proven integrity the opportunity to serve us all in the fear of God (Allah) and in humility.

“People who will recognize that, sovereignty resides in the people of Ghana and the powers they are given is for the benefit and welfare of Ghanaians.”

Mr Sosu further explained that the NDC had no intention to disqualify some nominees in a situation where there is no consensus as to recommendation.

In that case “We may have to resort to voting. This is where many are lamenting that, by the current composition of the Committee, it will be an automatic 13 NDC votes against 12 NPP votes, but i beg to differ.”

According to him, it is needless for Ghanaians to be led by partisan politics to create panic in the public space with non-existing threats because of the current composition of the Appointments Committee and the nomination and vetting of ministerial nominees.

He added that the politics of the NPP in the past four years when they had the advantage of both Executive power and Legislative Power, has introduced extremism into the body politics at an overly alarming depth.

Mr Sosu advised Ghanaians not to fall for the doctrine of extremism, one he said if encouraged will take a downhill trip of which Ghana is the eventual loser.

“I think we must avoid their extremism, just be strong, firm and fair. Never surrendering to any negativism but being positive and constructive at all times, putting the national interest first, else we destroy our beautiful nation. We must at all times also be inspired by love for God and Country and good concience to do our best,” he stated.