Over one thousand needy students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology are receiving free meals; courtesy of a novelty Food Bank.

It is an initiative by the Student Representative Council Women Commissioner, Esinam Sosu-Dees, to give respite to her colleagues in distress. She says it is a fulfilment of a promise she made during her election campaign.

“During my campaigning period, I met a couple of ladies who were in dire need of food items and there was this particular one who was super happy when she was given GH¢2 a day.”

She said she then got the idea to establish a food bank which will be storeroom where students will walk through to get something to sustain themselves.


Over four thousand students applied for support from KNUST’s bursary scheme, christened, ‘Ketewa Biara Nsua’, to enable them to pay for their Academic User Fees for  2018/2019 academic year. “We are expecting over a thousand to apply,” Sosu-Dees projects.

Distribution of food items is supervised by the university’s Counselling Center.

KNUST food bank

Miss Sosu-Dees is counting on the benevolence of organisations to sustain the programme.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kwasi Obiri-Danso has lauded the initiative and pledged his support.

“I’m happy my students have thought of the needy amongst them and to individually or collectively go around to solicit for food items. I’m very appreciative and management will support their effort.”

“In the coming days, I’m sure we’ll get the food bank fully filled for the benefit of the many who can’t afford a square meal,” The VC added

KNUST food bank