The National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has called on the government to expand its current recruiting system and produce more lawyers in the country.

According to him, the current system being practised at the Ghana School of Law appears to wither the chances of the country producing more lawyers.

He described as “unfair, unjust and improper” the entrance examination system being enforced by the institution.

Speaking on JoyNews on Saturday, he said: “The current system is unjust, unfair and improper. We need more lawyers as a country and the way to get more lawyers is to expand access to professional legal education.

“You cannot assess the intelligence of LLB graduates with just one entrance examination. You put together 10 substantive law courses: contract law, criminal law. You set a few objectives, one or two essay questions, a student is not able to make 50 and you say the student has failed. That for me is not a fair way of assessing the competence or intelligence of students.”

He added “it is not only the Ghana School of Law that can run the professional law course. I believe that if we put in place a quality control standard, we can have other institutions who are able to comply with those standards, run the professional law course.”

For him, making the Ghana School of Law a monopolist in offering professional legal education is a deliberate attempt to limit the number of legal practitioners in the country.

“What is happening is a deliberate decision to constrict access to professional legal education by monopolizing that area for the Ghana School of Law alone,” he told host, Samson Lardy Anyenini.

His concerns come at a time when 2,034 LLB candidates who sat for the 2021 academic year Ghana School of Law 2021 Entrance Exams failed.

It is reported that out of  2,824 students who sat for the exams, only 790 of them passed representing approximately 28 per cent.

Meanwhile, Mr Gyami has noted that to ensure standards are met should more institutions be set up, the General Legal Council could serve as a supervisor and ensure that the institutions to train students who desire to be lawyers follow the laid down procedures.

“We can have a body, may be the General Legal Council, monitor and supervise these other institutions to ensure that they conform with the quality of control standards that we put in place.”

“You cannot tell me that the University of Ghana cannot get lecturers to teach civil procedure, criminal procedure and the courses we do at the Ghana School of Law. I believe that KNUST has that capacity. The University of Ghana has that capacity and many other institutions,” he added.

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