Former President John Dramani Mahama has admitted that youth employment could have been addressed better under his administration.

Speaking on Adom TV, the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) presidential candidate indicated that in the hindsight, some things that could have been done better.

“Our attention on youth entrepreneurship and the provision of employment for young people is what I think we could have done better under my administration,” he added.

However, according to the former president, the incumbent government has failed to fully address issues associated with youth unemployment in the country.

“Youth unemployment is a fast-approaching ticking time bomb. When you visit rural areas in the country, the youths who have completed Senior High Schools are home without work to do,” he stated.

Mr John Mahama also mentioned that should he be voted into power in the December polls, his next administration would focus its attention on resolving youth unemployment as it is key in the development of the country.

“What develops a country is the skilled human resource so my administration will invest into technical-know-how of the youth to eradicate the phenomenon,” he said.