Twelve labour unions popularly known as the Forum have given government a two-week ultimatum to transfer their tier two pension funds to private trusts.

In a statement issued by the Chairman of the Forum, Isaac Bampoe, by the Forum it threatens to go on a strike if government does not uphold the consent ruling by the National Labour Commission which elapsed seven months ago.

The Forum started its campaign as far back 2010 for the implementation of a three-tier pension scheme.

The implementation, however, experienced problems which span an entire decade.

After a long wait, the National Labour Commission intervened by setting up a 10-member committee to address their concerns in November 2020.

The Commission gave the committee a month to complete its assignment. However, after seven months after the consent ruling, the funds have still not been transferred.

The labour unions claim their members will not receive their entitled benefits as long as the funds are with Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SNNIT).

Mr Bampoe Addo has, therefore, called on government to implement a ruling by the NLC that will facilitate the transfer of the funds. The Forum has, hence, threatened to go on strike by Tuesday, June 8, if their demand is not met.

“The demand from the Forum is very simple, that is the consent ruling from the National Labour Commission ought to be complied with.  And we have waited for far too long to allow for any further delay.  

“Most affected pensioners are either moaning or crying over their outstanding pension  earnings that are likely to occur if the consent ruling were to be used in its totality to calculate pensions for retirees,” the statement read.