A former student of the Three Town Senior High School, Denu, has been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment by the Aflao Circuit Court for causing harm to his ICT tutor.

His Honour Joseph Ofosu on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, convicted and sentenced the accused to 4years in hard labour.

Gilbert Akakpo, 19, was reported to have stabbed John Kwashi Akey, on his left upper arm on Wednesday, August 11, 2021.

The victim’s offense was trying to prevent the convict, who was then a final year student, from bullying his junior, a first year student.

“The prosecution added that victim John Akey, an ICT tutor sustained a deep cut on the arm and was sent to Ketu South Municipal Hospital for treatment”, part of a press release issued by the Head of the Volta Regional Police Public Affairs Unit, DSP Elizabeth Efia Tenge read.

Gilbert was, thereafter, handed over to the police by his father following his prosecutioon on Thursday, August 12, 2021.

“The presiding judge, His Honour Joseph Ofos in his ruling stated that the court was lenient on the convict as a first-time offender, however, the punishment was necessary to serve as a deterrent to other students who have no respect for authorities in schools.”

The convict awaits the result of his Covid-19 test and would be conveyed to the Ho Central Prison to serve his sentence, if he tests negative.

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