Battling against Obuasi Senior High Technical School (SHTS) and Agu Gyamfi SHS, Anglican SHS comfortably qualified for the one-fourth stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) held at the University of Ghana.

Assuring victory for Anglican SHS were Dominion Kwabena Turkson and Wilfred Obeng.

Hoping for a better turnout next year are Obuasi SHTS and Adu Gyamfi SHS who were represented by Godfred Agyemang, Joseph Dano and Joshua Agyeman, Reagan Adoma respectively.

In the first round of the contest, Anglican SHS shook the contest and earned 19 points. Obuasi SHTS and Adu Gyamfi SHS competed keenly between each other in this round with 13 and 12 points respectively.

Keeping up with the “speed race” in round two was a challenge faced by the quiz mistress as all three schools buzzed their bells in great speed to secure more points for their respective schools.

Adu Gyamfi SHS with the hope of taking over from Anglican SHS came strong in round two of the competition with 17 points.

They, however, were no match for Anglican SHS as they maintained the lead with 21 points. Obuasi SHTS fell short by two points with a score of 11 points on the score table.

The problem of the day was a hard nut to crack as both Obuasi SHTS and Adu Gyamfi SHS could not get a point, hence maintaining previous scores from round two. Defeating all odds, Anglican SHS still in the lead scored 27 points by securing six more points in this round.

Very comfortable in the lead position was Anglican SHS with 40 points.

Battling each other with no plans of overtaking Anglican SHS, Obuasi SHTS and Adu Gyamfi SHS both scored 18 points.

Anglican SHS won the contest with much assurance as they continuously led the score table with 43 points. Still in a two-school contest between each other, Obuasi SHTS and Adu Gyamfi SHS earned 21 points at the end of the contest.