Black Sherif in Hitz FM studios

In a widely circulated letter, rapper Black Sherif terminated his contract with his former financier, Shadrach Agyei Owusu, also known as Snap, prior to being sued.

Lawyers of the “Kwaku The Traveller” hitmaker wrote to Snap in a letter dated April 8, 2022, to inform him of the termination.

“We have our Client’s instructions to confirm our Client’s acceptance of the termination of the Agreement following discussions between you and our Client,” they wrote.

On August 18, 2021, Black Sherif appointed Snap as his manager. According to the lawyers, their client, Black Sherif, is “no longer bound by the Agreement.”

Black Sherif officially terminated contract with ex financier days before he was sued

This letter comes days after the former financier sued the musician at an Accra High Court. In documents sighted by, the suit was filed on Monday, April 11, 2022. 

Snap accused Black Sherif of leaving him high and dry to sign a record deal with another label, Empire Entertainment without his approval.

In other documents, the ex financier [the plaintiff], is seeking an injunction to be placed on Black Sherif, restricting him from playing at any event until the case has been resolved.

The plaintiff is also asking for an order to be placed on the funds the rapper has accrued through streaming and other revenue sources.

The court is expected to hear the case for the injunction on Monday, May 9, 2022.

However, CEO of 3Music Networks, Sadiq Abubakar Abdulai, believes it is unlikely the court would grant the injunction seeking to put a halt on Black Sherif’s way of life.

Mr. Abdulai explained that “the artiste’s way of life is continuous recording and to perform, so it would become a human rights issue if any court would stop him from living his way of life, which would be to record and perform.”

Meanwhile, the 3Music Awards Founder advised Black Sherif and his former financier, Snap, to settle their issues out of court.

According to him, when issues between investors and artistes are not settled amicably, it has the potential to negatively affect both parties and the industry.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, on Tuesday, Mr. Abdulai explained that this issue could affect investor confidence and create lethargy. People on the sidelines showing interest in investing in the industry begin to withdraw or raise doubts.