Ivan Bruce-Cudjoe (right) with Patrick Allotey

Ivan Bruce Cudjoe, the CEO of Cabic Boxing Promotions, has lamented on the difficulty in funding boxers and has asked the government to lend a hand.

Cabic Boxing Promotions have developed some boxers over the years with their two biggest exports being former WBO Africa champion Patrick Allotey and Richard Harrison.

In an interview on the Joy Sports Link, Cudjoe revealed the difficulty in financing boxers on his own while improving their level in the sport.

“It has not been easy when it comes to managing in boxing. Funding is very difficult. When you try to look for sponsorship, you end up getting none so you have to fund everything by yourself. I came to boxing with the intention that one day, I will produce a world-beater. I gave myself a year to do that and within a year, I was able to do it,” he told Nathaniel Attoh on Saturday.

“I took Richard Harrison to the world stage and [I also took] Patrick Allotey. I have always said that to promote boxing and sports in general, it helps if the government is in it. They have come up so many times to say that they will help but it seems it is not forthcoming. If the government is sponsoring an individual, it is easier.”

Mr Cudjoe also revealed how he has been recording losses after promoting a bout.

“There was a time I did [promoted] three African titles and with that three titles, I brought boxers from outside. With one boxer, I was paying about $20,000 for his purse. That is separate from his accommodation and travel allowance. To use the Bukom arena, you have to pay about GHS 14,000. At the end of the day, the tickets that you sell is not up to GHS 10,000. I have never broken even.”

The Ghana Boxing Authority recently recalled Patrick Allotey, who was slapped with a six-month ban after assaulting a football fan at the Accra Sports Stadium during a Hearts v Kotoko game earlier this year.