The President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM), Rev. Eastwood Anaba has called on the youth, especially those in the Upper East Region of Ghana, not to allow their circumstances to prevent them from maximizing their potential.

He has admonished them to be bold and take charge of their future as they have what it takes to transform their generation. 

Rev. Eastwood was speaking to over 300 young people at the annual Career Mentorship  Summit organized by the Social Transformation wing of Eastwood Anaba Ministries.

He spoke on the need for the youth to be mindful of what he called the three ‘Hs – Hate, Have and Hunt’ as they strive to transform their lives and that of the Upper East Region.

He said to succeed in life, it’s important to acknowledge and hate all the vices that prevent spiritual and life’s success, have all the ingredients (spiritual, academic, knowledge and skills) that equips for success and hunt down all potentially destructive elements in and around them. 

Citing his own example, Rev. Eastwood recalled how as a young person living in Bolgatanga, he believed in the word of God upon his life, left his job as a Pharmacist, pursued his calling and built the Desert pastures, a transformational and leadership centre where EAM is headquartered. He further challenged the over 300 young persons to soar higher and dream big in every sphere of their lives.

The Vice President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Mrs Rosemond Anaba, who heads the Social Transformation wing of the Ministry, admonished the youth not to look down on themselves but harness these inner qualities to take on the world.

Using the analogy of the eagle, Mrs Anaba inspired the young people to see themselves as God sees them and go after the limitless possibilities ahead of them.

Seven speakers drawn from the banking and finance, communications, development work and entrepreneurship sectors facilitated the discussions with thought-provoking presentations and engagements.

Their presentations centered on how to unearth talents through their dominant behaviours, developing good self-esteem, merging academia with talent, career development, critical skills to succeed in the future of work and developing a savings habit to ensure financial security.

Key amongst them was Nana Dwomoh Sarpong, an entrepreneur and Director at Eastwood Anaba Ministries who engaged the youth on business opportunities in the Upper East Region and how they could take advantage of them to own businesses.

The event, organised annually by the Social Transformation Wing of the Ministry, brought together Junior High School, Senior High School, Technical/Vocational School and Tertiary Youth within the Bolga municipality and its environs.

Participants were also assigned to breakout sessions and matched with mentors that fit their professional, social and spiritual aspirations.

A Pastor of a church in a neighbouring town, Kalbeo, who led about 20 young persons from his church to the summit expressed his excitement and gratitude to the team for bringing back hope to his Youth members through the program.

“This Summit is the best thing to have happened to my Youth congregants since I was posted to  Kalbeo as their Pastor in March 2020. It has taught them what I may have never been able to teach them in 20 years. It has awoken a spirit of possibility in them to break free from the powers of backward thinking, idol worship, poverty, early marriage and terminated education. Thank you EAM for making them dream again,” he said.

Mrs Anaba thanked partners of EAM for making the programme possible through their contributions and pledged to sustain the event to serve as a platform for providing spiritual growth, career development and positive mentoring opportunities to young persons in the Upper East Region and beyond.

The Social Transformation Wing of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM) was set up in 2010 to provide assistance to the needy particularly orphans and destitute in rural and deprived communities who otherwise would not have any means of equipping themselves with any productive skills.

Over the years, it has done this through its flagship Eastwood Anaba Scholarship Scheme and other Medical Outreach programmes.