Uche Elendu

Nigerian actress, Uche Elendu, has revealed how her shop was broken into by hoodlums during the EndSARS protests in Nigeria.

According to her, these looters vandalised her shop in Marwa Lekki in Lagos making away with items worth N100m.

Sharing photos of her shop on Instagram she wrote, “was still trying to get myself to recover from the heartbreak of innocent lives lost yesterday, now, my hard work and investment are gone.”

Uche Elendu said she was disturbed the very people they were fighting for their lives with at the EndSARS protests have caused her this much loss.

“…oh Lord strengthen me. They took all my years of struggle and hard work from me. Everything.”

However, the actress said she is grateful she has life regardless of what has happened.

“Posterity will judge all of you. E shock me ooooo #endsars #endbadgovernance.”