Jesse Agyepong

Branding Expert Jesse Agyapong is proposing a change in the focus of the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry from its traditional elements to a more progressive aspect – the Creative Arts.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z, he stated that the change is needed to ensure the growth of the Creative Art sector.

“The Ministry is called the Ministry of Arts, Tourism and Culture. Now, let it be the Ministry of Creative Arts, Tourism and Culture. Change the focus of the Ministry; let 60% of their energies be focused on the Creative Arts.”

In addition to a change in its focus, Mr Agyepong believes that the Ministry would need to “find a minister who predominantly understands the future, because Creative Arts is the future”.

As he defined it, “tourism is the past that we are carrying forward; culture is reminding the world of what we used to be and what we are; the future is creative arts”.

He also called for the implementation of policies that will facilitate the industry and the right agencies to ensure adequate funding for the sector.

“And then you have the laws backing it, plus you have an implementing agency that understands how to build a budget”.

Jesse considered it sad that the entire focus of the Ministry is to remember the nation’s past rather than focusing on Creative Arts, an aspect he believes will bring growth to the industry as a whole.