The Ga West Municipal Assembly has, in an uncharacteristic move auctioned four goats for ¢665.

The move, according to the Municipal Chief Executive of the area, Clement Wilkinson, was to deter people from leaving their domestic animals to stray in people’s homes and backyards.

Mr Wilkinson who said the Assembly had named the four goats “Emmanuel, Joseph, John and Andrew,” noted that the auction by the Assembly was not a crime since it was backed by law.

Under the by-law of the Assembly, where an impounded animal is not claimed within a period of four days, the Assembly shall cause a notice of the impoundment to be displayed at a conspicuous place in the area for six days.

At the expiry of the period specified, if the animal remains unclaimed, it shall be sold at a public auction by a licensed auctioneer or other person appointed by the Assembly for that purpose.


The goats, namely, Emmanuel was sold for ¢350, Joseph was sold for ¢195, while John and Andrew were sold for ¢60 respectively.


Following the auction, Mr Wilkinson cautioned the buyers to ensure that they do not leave the animals to wander in the community.

Failure to obey the by-law, Mr Wilkinson stressed that the animals would be recaptured and re-auctioned.