The Royal Boahenkorkor family of the Sunyani Traditional Area has disputed claims, made by Nana Bofotia Boaponsem, the Krontihene of the Sunyani Traditional Area, that two hunters, Boahenkorkor and Bofotia, are the originators of Sunyani.

This follows a Joy News Ghana Month series story on the origin of the name Sunyani.

At a press conference in Sunyani, the Boahenkorkor family insisted that their forefather, Boahenkorkor, is the sole originator and warned the Krontihene to seek clarification rather than distorting the undisputed facts and history of Sunyani.

Nana Bofotia Boaponsem in an interview with Joy News during the Ghana month series said, “the ancestors who settled in Sunyani were Nana Boahenkorkor and Nana Bofotia, they are the people and the hunters who came together to settle in Sunyani”.

His statement made the Boahenkokor family displeased and therefore addressed the press about the distortion of facts concerning the Sunyani history.

Isaac Osei, a royal of the Boahenkorkor family says, it is important that the distorted facts are corrected since it was Boahenkorkor who settled as the only ancestor at Sunyani.

“Sunyani history was distorted by saying that two hunters were the people who came together to establish the Sunyani town, that is absolutely not true.

“The issue bothered on the fact that Nana Boahenkorkor who happens to be the ancestor, was the one who came to settle here, not necessarily two hunters. If you come out with the fact that 2 hunters settled here, it means you can actually also decide to share the throne with Nana Boahenkorkor and that can distort the entire eligibility criteria for ascension to the throne in future,” Mr Osei said.

He also said their efforts to have an amicable resolution with the Krontihene of the Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Bofotia Boaponsem proved futile.

“The royal family went to the extent of trying to invite him so that we will settle this matter amicably, but I don’t know the reason behind, he did not honour the invitation.

“We do not have any serious problem with him as a Krontihene, all we are saying is that, on issues bothering on the history of Sunyani, he needs to seek the consent of Nana before he comes out publicly to say anything because if he had actually gone to Nana perhaps what he said could have been corrected from that point,” Mr Osei added.

The Akyempemhene of the Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Atta Boahenkorkor added that they don’t also want the skewing of the historical facts to influence authors in their work.

“The historical utterances of chiefs are sometimes used as content of proof, so a distorted fact means distorted content and we want to avoid that, at the right time the chiefs will provide the details of the story of Sunyani,” the Akyempemhene said.