The Parish Priest of the Christ the King Catholic Church, Rev. Father Andrew Campbell, has urged pastors, especially prophets to desist from declaring winners of an election ahead of time.

The Reverend Father said God does not reveal the outcome of an election ahead of time.

“Will God sit down and say this to Father Campbell that this person or that person is going to win? No, He won’t do that. God will not do that so let’s just pray for peaceful elections,” he said in an interview.

His comment follows declarations from various prophets as to which political party will win the 2020 elections, with some predictions going in favour of the New Patriotic Party and others for the National Democratic Congress.

Rev. Campbell has instead urged prophets to pray for candidates rather than coming out with these prophecies.

“People have prophesied about elections and they have gotten into trouble. They now come to say they didn’t mean it like that and they meant it this way or that way. They should go and pray for the candidates rather than this so I’m not going to prophesy,” he stressed.

He further urged the public to be vigilant during the election period and pray for peace.