Government has charged newly reconstituted board of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority to work assiduously in ensuring a safe domestic and international air space.

According to Deputy Minister of Transport, this will ensure a formidable and efficient aviation sector.

He tasked them to make decisions that will revive the aviation sector and aid the Ghanaian economy.

“As a board, I charge you to be committed to promote and harmonise an inclusive approach to ensure a safe domestic and international air travels”, he added.

He also asked the new board to cooperate with management and labour unions to build a peaceful working relationship that would allow the authority to run smoothly.

A board member, Captain Spencer, speaking on behalf of the board, said the board would seek to ensure an excellent corporate governance as well as promote the ideals of responsibility, efficiency, probity, and openness.

“We will keep ourselves abreast with the authority’s business and make strategic decisions for implementation by management,” he said.