CEO of Hasaacas Ladies, Evelyn Asare has tipped her side to rise to the challenge and lift the CAF Women’s Champions League title.

Hasaacas Ladies cruised to the finals of the competition after going unbeaten and topping their group, and then rallying themselves over stiff competition in the semifinals.

Ahead of the Friday evening showdown, Evelyn Asare is optimistic Hasaacas Ladies will carve for themselves, a place in the history African football.

“I trust my coach the handlers so much that they know what it takes, that they have to go all out. And I believe that because we have watched their game and know how they go about their things, we will be able to beat them,” she said to Joy Sports.

Evelyn also suggests her players and technical team have the upper hand heading into the final, as the team understands the blueprint of Mamelodi Sundowns.

“And I tell you my players are ready for this game. The technical team is ready. We know they’re a very good side – they play an academy football.

“They are able to hold the ball, so we only have to go to them when they get the ball so they don’t have time to turn and do whatever they want with the ball.”

Despite the challenge of facing a team with a very aesthetically pleasing style of play, the Hasaacas CEO believes Hasaacas have all it takes to match them.

“If you give them chance, they’ll play you. They’re a very good side, well composed and I believe that my team is also well composed.

“We are 24 hours to the game and all [what] the players are thinking about is to win and bring the cup to Ghana. They are focused and they know that if they’re able to lift this trophy for the first time so many things are going to change within their lives. So they’re preparing,” she concluded in a Joy Sports interview.

Hasaacas Ladies, after winning the Women’s Ghana Premier League title and WAFU Zone B title, will want to add to their trophy cabinet with the historic, primary sample of the CAF Women’s Champions League title.

The game will be hosted in Cairo on Friday night.


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