A 25-year-old herdsman has been arrest by the Damongo police for inflicting cutlass wounds on a 27-year-old farmer at Sumpini near Busunu in the West Gonja District of the Savannah Region.

Yahaya Abdul-Rahma and Mumim’s arrest come after a confrontation between them and Ibrahim Habib, a farmer.

Sources within the Police Service who spoke to Joy News said the victim allegedly caught the two herdsmen near his farm having sex with some ladies.

The farmer who then approached the two men asked them to leave his farm as it was an abomination to have sex there.

Angered by his command, Yahaya and his brother, Mumim pulled out a cutlass and a knife and attacked him.

While Yahaya is currently in police custody in Damongo, Mr Habib is at the Damongo Hospital receiving treatment.

The other suspect, Mumim is on the run.

The Damongo police said they have commenced an investigation into the case and will proceed to court next week for further action.