Interesting scenes from Mahama’s Oti Regional tour

Most often than not, the media brings you major highlights of a presidential tour.

This time, JoyNews brings you some of the scenes that did not appear on your screens in the major bulletins.

The NDC presidential candidate, John Dramani Mahama was in the Oti region from 21st to 23rd of August 2020. Nkonya Ahenkro was the first stopover.

Drumming and dancing were what preceded his arrival. These activities intensified when John Mahama finally arrived. The young and old clad in the NDC paraphernalia could not hide their joy.

It looked like John Mahama still has some love in stock. At Nkonya Ntumda the crowd was massive for him. He had to address the crowd over the roof of his car.

At Worawora, one woman, even with her sleepy baby in her arms was jumping and chanting with some level of vigour. Well, some spiritual fortification was also needed as some party faithful also came in their talisman studded smock. From casual observation, John Mahama
still has the crowd in the Oti Region. Could this be because of its previous Volta association…? Maybe…

But Sammy Awuku, the National Organizer for the NPP, speaking on the sidelines to JoyNews after inaugurating the 2020 election campaign team in the Oti region said his party would want to make Oti region its second stronghold.

Observers then asked what then happens to the Eastern Region. That is very possible with determination and commitment in terms of development in
the region.

However, new wine in an old pot would not taste much better than what the pot previously contained.

The NDC domineering spirit is still prevalent in the region and it would take a lot more hard work for any party to break that jinx of NDC. The entourage was mobbed in every community along the way to Dambai, the regional capital. This compelled chiefs and their subjects had to wait deep into the night, some went as far as midnight.

During John Mahama’s last day in the Oti region at Kadjebi, he had tough time passing through Cement, Mempeasem, Dzindzisu, Menusu and finally Okanta. Some residents say they blocked the road just to have him speak to them; ‘this is a major road and he cannot pass without stopping here.”

As to whether the large numbers that mobbed him would translate into the real votes needed to win him the presidency, December 7 2020 would tell. As for social distancing and the wearing of the mask, you have seen it for yourselves.

However, it is worth noting that John Mahama and his team members were in their masks as I observed them during the three days of the Oti region although some of them were taken off guard and wore them under their chin as much as we must admit it is difficult speaking to a heavy
crowd in the mask.

Don’t forget Covid-19 is real.