In the quest of captivating fans with intriguing, exciting and educative programs, Joy Prime is set to start showing a new spectacular show ‘Joy Prime Explore’.

The show which is in line with the channel’s core value of giving the ultimate experience to viewers premieres on Sunday, at 6: 00 pm local time.

‘Joy Prime Explore’ is an exciting travel show that translates sights and sounds into real experiences. It will bring you close to the unseen sights of different cultures, people and unique places through the best TV experience.

The show which intends to Promote the best of Ghana’s culture will showcase the unseen and rich practices to audience within and outside the Country.

To unravel the mind-blowing questions on the objectives of ‘Joy Prime Explore’, the scope of exploring interesting and unique places; A team of well-traveled multimedia journalists, after thorough research bring to you the biggest stories from the most exciting destinations around the world.

Don’t miss out on the maiden edition of ‘Joy Prime Explore’ this Sunday on Joy Prime on all Digital Televisions.

You can also catch the action on MultiTV Digibox, DSTV channel 281, GOTV channel 180 and HD+102  to be part of the extraordinary practices, education and generate positive conversations about thoroughly researched expose amongst students and youth.

Remember, it is this Sunday and subsequently shows on Sundays at the same time.