Reservoirs ensure water is available, especially, in times of dire need.

The challenge, however, arises when users inadvertently leave the commodity to overflow and waste away, resulting in shortages at crucial moments.

A teaching assistant of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology is providing a solution by developing an automatic water control and management system.

Abdullah Mohammed Zainudeen, an Aerospace Engineering graduate is CEO of Abz Automations.

The Tech startup seeks to eliminate manual repetitive tasks through the development of hardware and software solutions aimed at specific.

Their flagship product known as the AutoX, is an automatic water control and management system.

This product has two primary functions, first, to stop the overflow of tanks and to automatically fill tanks when they are low on water.

“This product derives knowledge from Mechanical and electronics and electrical engineering to arrive at the aforementioned solution.

“The advantages that come with using this product are: It saves cost, water, energy and protects water pumps,” he said.

It displays water level at all times and can be accessed on mobile phones.

It prevents weakening of structures caused by overflow of tanks.

It eliminates the inconvenience of manually operating your water tank.

So far, Abdullah has installed the product in many parts of the Ashanti region.