The Ghana Integrity Initiative(GII) has disclosed that lack of resources is among factors hindering the fight against corruption in the country.

Mary Awelana Addah, Programs Manager at GII, said institutions mandated to fight corruption in the country are deficient in terms of resources needed to fight the canker.

This according to her has hampered the implementation of various policies and interventions in the fight against corruption.

“You will realise that one of the clarion calls from Civil Society groups has been the fact that institutions of state who are mandated to fight corruption are not given the needed resources to ensure that they fight corruption and fight it very well.

“Ghana has long battled corruption, yet has made little progress in terms of achievements,” she told Samson Lardy Anyenini on JoyNews’ Newsfile Saturday.

The latest corruption perception index indicates that the country has performed below average in terms of its fight against corruption.

Mary Awelana Addah, however, says the abysmal performance of the country [in terms of the fight against corruption] can be attributed to some factors including the fact institutions mandated to help in the fight are limited in terms of resources.

According to her these institutions are not given the necessary resources in terms of funding to ensure their smooth operations.

She further raised concerns about the Commission on Human Right and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), which she said does not have offices across the country, but in just a few districts in the country.

“And so if we are fighting corruption and CHRAJ is the main body mandated to fight corruption per our constitution, and this particular institution is not located everywhere, then we have issues,” she said.