Residents of Sakpe and Tidjo in the Mion constituency in the Northern Region can now heave a sigh of relief after their source of water has been changed for the better.

The two communities can now boast of potable water after MP for Mion constituency, Musah Abdul-Aziz Ayaba commissioned two mechanised boreholes to help provide good drinking water for the residents.

According to the residents of Sakpe and Tidjo, they had to walk long distances to get water from a dam which was posing health threats to them.

Mion MP commissions boreholes to help Sakpe, Tidjo residents access water

They are therefore grateful to Mr Ayaba for providing them with Boreholes.

“We are immensely thankful to Hon Ayaba for these mechanized boreholes, we have longed for potable water for years and to have him in his second year construct this for us, we are grateful”.

Musah Ayaba commissioning the boreholes assured the residents that he will keep working in their interest.

Mion MP commissions boreholes to help Sakpe, Tidjo residents access water

“As you have given me the mandate to serve, I will at all times serve you diligently. I have your interest at heart and will thrive to bring more developmental projects to this constituency,” he said.

MP for Mion Constituency also donated five motorbikes and 6 beds ( 4 delivering beds and 2 dressing beds) to Mion Health Directorate at Sang.

According to him, the 5 motorbikes are to be distributed to the five Sub-District Health centers namely Kukpaligu, Jimle, Sang, Sambu and Kpabia to enhance outreach health service delivery in the constituency.