A man has narrated a traumatic experience in which his uncle used operatives of the National Security Agency to gain entry into his home to threaten and bully him.

Kobby said it was in the wee hours of the morning when he heard a loud bang on his door. He initially thought it was an accident that had occurred outside the house, only to be informed by his younger brother that some heavily built men were on the compound and were forcing their way into the main house by breaking the main door.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Tuesday, the caller said he hurriedly went to the door and gave them access to his house after they claimed to be operatives from the National Security.

“Immediately I opened the door, this heavily built man pushed me inside followed by several guys and they started opening doors, entering rooms and trying to search everything.

“So I asked them, ‘What is going on?’ Then I noticed this calm person standing there, and I approached him and asked him, “Who are you and what is going on? Then he said they were from National Security, and I said, “Can I have some identification?” And he said, ‘No.'”

Kobby noted that he had had a heated argument with his father’s younger brother, over an issue, before the incident .

However, he did not expect is uncle to take the issue to that level.

The worried man used the opportunity to advise the National Security Agency to stop the Rambo-style arrest of suspects, which has become rampant.

“What the National Security should do is that they should stop this Rambo-style of attacking people so that other criminals do not copy to do similar things all in the name of National Security,” he stated.

According to him, criminals will utilise the tactics to attack innocent citizens.

“This thing that you are hearing that people are being attacked by National Security operatives, I think some criminals are also going about carrying themselves as National Security and are doing whatever they like to citizens”, he noted.