The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has cautioned Ghanaians not to relax their adherence to the established public health protocols against the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic despite the easing of restrictions.

The Commission said Ghanaians should rather intensify strict adherence to the protocols by maintaining social and physical distancing, wear nose masks, wash hands regularly under running water, continue to stay at home if they had nothing critical to do in town, and practice high level personal and environmental hygiene.

Ebenezer Kwesi Dadzie, Cape Coast Metropolitan Director of the NCCE, emphasised that the disease was real and still around with its numerous attendant impacts on individuals and businesses.

He added that the only way to completely eradicate it from the country was continuous adherence to the prescribed measures.

OXFAM is partnering the Commission with funding under a campaign project to increase awareness on the pandemic to improve public compliance of the directives and protocols by the Government to help contain the spread of the disease in the Country.

The partnership spanning from July to September, is being implemented nationwide in 23 districts across the country including the Cape Coat Metropolis and its environs.

Through the OXFAM campaign, the public would be educated on the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and its mode of transmission, common symptoms and the various safety protocols against contracting the virus among others.

Another task was to debunk the numerous misconceptions and misinformation and unfounded public perception about the disease.

He underscored the need for continued education to reduce fear and panic among the public, while following the laid down health and safety protocols to keep them safe.

The Commission had so far engaged more than 30 faith-based organisations, communities and other identifiable groups in the Metropolis.