Prospectus Ghana launched as one-stop-shop for all school items

Prospectus Ghana launched as one-stop-shop for all school items
Source: Ghana |
Date: 26-08-2019 Time: 08:08:40:am

Prospectus Ghana Limited, a business outfit with the sole aim of serving the needs of students and parents in the purchase of all items for school, has been launched.

It is expected to relieve parents and students of the stress they go through from one shop to the other, to purchase all kinds of items for school.

Prospectus Ghana limited offers that one-stop-shop for every item on a student’s prospectus list at affordable prices.

For new entrants to Senior High Schools, the stress of moving around from one shop to the other to buy a trunk, books, khaki, mattress, chop box and many more, has been reduced as all the items can be purchased there.

The Chief Executive of Prospectus Ghana, Jude Ofosu Gyamfi, said the service delivery, which is the first of its kind in the country, is designed to offer quality service and make life easier for both parents and students.

“Ghana now has a one-stop-shop for SHS admission needs as well as all school items on a prospectus list. The burden of parents moving around the whole of Accra just to buy school items for their wards is over,” the CEO noted.

According to Ofosu Gyamfi, “Prospectus Ghana has made also available credit for everyone; workers from both the formal and informal sectors. And for busy parents, they can order from the comfort of their homes while service delivery is also available. We have everything once it’s on the prospectus list.”

Prospectus Ghana is located on the Graphic Road opposite Toyota Ghana and adjacent HONDA.