An official of the National Identification Authority (NIA) during the Ghana Card Registration at a centre in Elmina on Tuesday attacked a journalist with The Multimedia Group and seized his mobile phone.

The official did not want proceedings recorded and Kafui Justice who was sent to report on the exercise was doing exactly that at the Local Council M/A Basic School Registration Centre.

According to Kafui, upon reaching the registration centre, he noticed that the NIA officials were preparing to leave at around 1.30 pm, although there were many applicants yet to be registered.

That sparked the reporter’s interest. He proceeded to interview the applicants and also capture the scene.

But the NIA official whose name is unknown will have none of that. He pounced on Kafui, assaulted him and took his phone.

Kafui had to call the Elmina Police to come to his rescue.

According to him, after examining the phone he realised that the NIA official deleted the videos he took at the registration centre and other important videos he had on the phone prior to going there.

As of the time of going to press, Kafui Justice was still in a meeting with the Police and was yet to make his statement.